IRI’s Beacon Project has been committed to provided data driven analysis and insights since its launch in 2015. In the past much of the data has been limited to supporting evidence in reports created in collaboration with local partners. The Dash initiative seeks to make data more accessible and user-friendly enabling users to quickly create their own snapshots to inform online discussions and their own analysis.


Users will be able to access verified and hand coded data used by our local partners, as well as live displays of raw data pulled from a curated list of relevant data streams.


In addition to election focused media monitoring, Dash also displays the results of an ongoing survey which IRI launched to better understand the diverse dis/misinformation research community across the European continent.


The primary dashboards are:

CrowdTangle Live: The CrowdTangle live Displays provides a direct link to up-to-the-minute live data powered by Facebook’s CrowdTangle. This data covers Facebook pages of select Political actors and media outlets in selected countries enabling anyone to monitor key statements from local politicians as they happen.


Beacon Dash Daily: IRI’s custom dashboard provides a more granular view of data from CrowdTangle’s Live Display. Dash Daily enables a more in-depth monitoring of online conversations and context by supplementing daily updates of CrowdTangle data with Natural Language Processing, polling data from, and the Facebook Ad Library.


Project Specific Dashboards: IRI’s custom PowerBI dashboards are designed for visualizing specific media monitoring projects IRI carries out with its local Beacon Project Partners to accompany traditional analysis, reports and insights by experts on important social and political events. The dashboards are created using data from the Pulsar media monitoring tool that has been verified and hand-coded by local monitors to provide the most detailed and accurate insights.


Do you have an idea to collaborate with us on a media monitoring project?